Pick Me Up Products

Pick Me Up Products - A reliable service, with quality products competitively priced to promote maximum sales in your store.

Is your current supplier:

Giving you a fully merchandised service with no minimum order value, therefore no orders to place, deliveries to accept or stock to put away?

Giving you individually priced products so no customer confusion?

Based in the heart of the South West so can react quickly?

Giving you back time to concentrate on the rest of your business?

If not, why not, be cause that is what we offer.

We give a fully merchandised service, straight from our own vans.

The first time you need to touch a product is to ring it through the till !!

No fixed layouts, slatwall & free-standing, clipstrips, single pegs. Hair Care & Accessories, Personal Care, Stationery, Haberdashery,Baby Care, Tights, Winter Woolies, Travel, BBQ & Pet Treats.

Based in Wellington, Somerset and Callington, Cornwall, so never too far away !!

All stands etc supplied on free-loan basis.

Central Billing through all major symbol groups if required.


To make life a little easier please contact Guy Broom Tel: 01823 666966 or Email: pickmeupproducts@gmail.com

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